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250% Total ROI

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$2,001 - $∞ Deposit Amount

About Diamondxtra

Diamondxtra was fully incorporated in the United Kingdom as "UK Precious Metals Exploration & Mining, Ltd." We are involved in the exploration of potential properties for mining operations around the world, as well as the further development of existing operations. Our primary focus is on the mining of metals such as gold, silver, and copper.
We have opened our company to private investment for the purposes of allowing us to purchase additional equipment and explore new locations for the acquiring, mining, and marketing of resources. We have several plans to allow you a generous return on your deposit regardless of your investment amount.
You are invited to join this exclusive opportunity to benefit from the precious metals mining industry, where it is possible to reap enourmous profits and is expected to grow in the near future. We also extend to you a lucrative offer for additional gains by referring new members to our multi-level referral system.
Join Diamondxtra today, it is fast and free to become a new member!

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Silver Price Analysis: This silver 4-hour chart still looks abit ugly after the triangle pattern break

Sep-22-2020 04:23:39 PM

The commodities complex has been hit pretty hard by the recent USD strength over the last few sessions. Silver has been no exception and it has now broken the triangle formation and the orange support level. The Fed's wait and see stance has meant the greenback has been firm but with the upcoming elections and COVID-19 still hanging over the markets like a dark cloud there is still plenty reasons to buy precious metals.

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